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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint.  Data Privacy Day 2015 marked the 2nd year that events were held at Carnegie Mellon University

January, 2015

cranor and brill

FTC Commissioner Julie Brill and Professor Lorrie Cranor at the Data Privacy Day Poster Session.

Cam at mic

Privacy Engineering Student Cameron Boozarjomehri asks a question during the Data Privacy Day panel discussion.

schaub and brill session

Florian Schaub, Julie Brill, and Professor Norman Sadeh at the Data Privacy Day Poster Session.

 January, 2014

  • Data Privacy Day - "White House official addresses challenges facing the need for big data" Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • Watch a video of our keynote speaker, Nicole Wong here
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N Wong
Nicole Wong, Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the White House speaks at Data Privacy Day

Wong Sadeh

Professor Norman Sadeh and Nicole Wong

Wong Cranor

Nicole Wong and Assoc. Professor Lorrie Cranor

DPD Durity

Adam Durity and other students attend the Data Privacy Day Clinic

Upcoming events

April 30th: Final application deadline for Fall 2015