Faculty & Staff-MSIT-Privacy Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty & Staff


Lorrie Faith Cranor
Norman M. Sadeh

Core Faculty

Alessandro Acquisti
  • Associate Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy, Heinz College
  • Co-director of CMU Center for Behavioral Decision Research
  • Research interests: Economics and behavioral economics of privacy and information security, Privacy and security in online social networks, Economics of computers and AI, Agents economics, Computational economics, Ecommerce, Cryptography, Anonymity, Electronic voting

Lujo Bauer

  • Assistant Research Professor, CyLab and ECE
  • Research interests: usable security, proof-carrying authorization, distributed access control, program monitors, security automata, languages for specifying security policies

Avrim Blum

  • Professor of Computer Science
  • Research interests: Machine learning theory, Approximation algorithms, On-line algorithms, and Algorithmic game theory / mechanism design
Travis Breaux
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Research interests: Requirements and software engineering; Risk and legal compliance; Accessibility, privacy and security
  • Co-editor, IAPP CIPP/IT textbook
Anupam Datta
  • Assistant Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research interests: Privacy, Audit and Accountability (Formalizing and Enforcing Privacy); Cryptographic Protocols (Programs & People meet Cryptography); Trustworthy Systems (Trustworthy Computing despite Adversaries)
Stephen Fienberg
  • Maurice Falk University Professor of Statistics and Social Science
  • Research interests: Analysis of categorical data; Bayesian approaches to confidentiality and data disclosure; causation; foundations of statistical inference; history of statistics; sample surveys and randomized experiments; statistics and the law; inference for multiple-media data
  • Co-Founder of Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality
Anupam Gupta
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • Research interests: Theoretical Computer Science, with
 an emphasis on Approximation Algorithms and Metric Embeddings
Jason Hong
  • Associate Professor, Human Computer Interaction Institute
  • Research interests: ubiquitous computing, especially mobile social computing and context-aware computing; usable privacy and security for ubicomp and cloud computing environments
Jim Herbsleb
  • Professor, Institute for Software Research
  • Research interests: Architecting Socio-Technical Ecosystems, 
Coordination and the Limits of Modularity Sharing, and Co-creation of Scientific Software
Michael Shamos
  • Distinguished Career Professor, Institute for Software Research and Language Technologies Institute


Tiffany Todd, Administrative Coordinator