2013-2014 Seminars-MSIT-Privacy Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Previous Privacy Seminars

Spring 2014

Instructors:  Anupam Datta and Norman Sadeh

1/15/2014  Introduction, Norman Sadeh

1/22/2014  Privacy at Google, Guest Speaker: Dan Fredinburg, Google - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

1/29/2014  "Privacy Day Keynote by Nicole Wong, Deputy US Chief Technology Officer" 2:30-3:30 GHC 6115 (Note unusual time and venue)-Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/5/2014    Intraface Project: Privacy Issues - Discussion with Fernando della Torre Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/12/2014 Florian Schaub: Context Awareness and Privacy - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/19/2014 Information Flow Experiments - Speaker:  Anupam Datta    Required ReadingsGuha et al, Challenges in Measuring Online Advertising Systems; Willis and Tatar, Understanding What They Do With What They Know

2/26/2014 Information Flow Experiments (Part II) - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta

3/6/2014   Privacy Compliance - Guest Speaker:  Saikat Guha (Microsoft) - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta 

3/12/2014 Spring Break - No Seminar

3/19/2014  Junbum Shin, Samsung - Privacy Challenges in Smart Devices Industry - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta

3/26/2014  Surveillance - Session 1- Student Presentations - Coordinator: Anupam Datta 

4/2/2014    Mobile App Privacy Policies Session 1 - Mini-Project/Student Presentations - Coordinator: Norman Sadeh

4/9/2014    Mobile App Privacy Policies Session 2 - Mini-Project/Student Presentations - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/16/2014  John DeLong, CCEP Director of Compliance, NSA - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/23/2014  Yuvraj Agarwal "ProtectMyPrivacy: Detecting and Mitigating Privacy Leaks on iOS using Crowdsourcing" - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/30/2014  Fairness in Classification - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta 

Fall 2013 Seminars

Instructors: Lorrie Cranor and Norman Sadeh

8/28/2013 Introduction

9/4/2013 Privacy Nudging and self-censorship on social media, Lorrie Cranor

9/11/2013 Understanding People's Location Privacy Preferences: A Location Sharing Perspective, Norman Sadeh

9/18/2013 John Papinchak, CMU University Registrar

9/25/2013 Andrew Swerdlow, Google: Practical Privacy Engineering

10/2/2013 Cy Lab Poster Session

10/9/2013 David Stampley, KamberLaw

10/16/2013 Janice Tsai, Microsoft Research

10/23/2013 Maritza Johnson, Facebook

10/30/13 Jerome Pesenti and Saman Haqqi, Pittsburgh Park Project

11/6/2013 Privacy and public policy in Washington, DC

11/13/2013 Sok Woo Yoon, SVP & Chief Privacy Officer, PNC Financial Services

11/20/2013 Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon 

12/4/2013 Mobile App Privacy