2015 Seminars-MSIT-Privacy Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Previous Privacy Seminars

Spring 2015

Instructors: Norman Sadeh & Florian Schaub

1/14/2015    Florian Schaub, CMU: Context-adaptive privacy mechanisms

1/21/2015    Norman Sadeh, CMU: Research in Mobile App Privacy

1/28/2015    Data Privacy Day - Keynote Speaker Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission

2/4/2015      Sok Woo Yoon, PNC

2/11/2015    Book Presentations

2/18/2015    Book Presentations

2/25/2015    Alfred Kobsa, UC Irvine - "Privacy and the Limits of A/B Testing"

3/4/2015      Tracy Ann Kosa, Microsoft - "Measuring Privacy"

3/11/2015    Spring Break - No Seminar

3/18/2015   Alan Fairless, Chip Black and Matthew Erickson, SpiderOak

3/25/2015    Jonathan Petit, University College Cork:  Big Brother on Wheels

4/1/2015     Hazim Almuhimedi, Institute for Software Research - "Your Location has been Shared 5,398 Times! A field Study on Mobile App Privacy Nudging"

4/8/2015     Adam Durity, Google

4/15/2015   Joint CUPS meeting  - Steve Sheng "Current hot topics in internet identifiers security and Internet Governance

4/22/2015   Steve Olshansky, Internet Society: "TosBack2: Next Steps in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Archiving and Analysis"

4/29/2015    Bradley Malin, Vanderbilt University: Engineering Privacy- Preserving Record Linkage Systems

Fall 2015

Instructors: Matt Fredrikson and Lorrie Cranor

9/3/2015   Manya Sleeper, Ubicomp practice talk + Syllabus

9/10/2015  Rebecca Balebako, RAND

9/17/2015 Nina Taft, Google

10/1/2015  Joe Hall, CDT

10/29/2015  Jonathan Mayer

11/5/2015  Lisa Martinelli, Highmark CPO

11/12/2015 Janice Tsai, Microsoft

12/3/2015   Molly Jackman, Facebook

12/10/2015  Student Book Presentations