Privacy Seminar-MSIT-Privacy Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Current Topics in Privacy Seminar

The Current Topics in Privacy Seminar is a three-credit course (08-602) taught in the Fall and Spring semesters. Members of the university community are invited to participate in the seminar even if they are not enrolled in the course. In this seminar course students will discuss recent papers and current public policy issues related to privacy. Privacy professionals from industry, government, and non-profits will deliver several guest lectures each semester. 

Members of the CMU community interested in receiving notifications about the seminars each week should contact the course instructor to request to be added to the email list. 

To meet with a speaker or for more information, contact Tiffany Todd at

Instructors:  Norman Sadeh & Matt Fredrikson 

Time and Location:  Thursdays, 12:00-1:20 PM Privacy Seminars will be held bi-weekly and will alternate with the CUPS lunchtime seminar.  All Seminars will be held in HBH (Hamburg Hall) 1002.

Fall 2016

9/1/2016 - Introduction

9/8/16 -     Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Asst. Professor, LUMS SBA School of Computer Science and Engineering- "Measurements and Advertising Under Internet Censorship"

9/15/16 -  Four second year MSIT-PE students discuss their summer internships (Privacy)

9/22/16 - Rich Shay, MIT (CUPS)

9/29/16 - Travis Breaux, Joint EPP/Privacy Seminar

10/13/16 -Anupam Das-Tracking Mobile Web Users Through Motion Sensors: Attacks and Defenses

10/27/16 - Sebastian Zimmeck - Automated Privacy Requirement Analysis for Mobile Apps “This presentation is part of the Usable Privacy Policy Project -

11/03/16 -  Apu Kapadia, Indiana University Bloomington

11/24/16 - Thanksgiving Holiday- No Classes

12/1/16 -  Student Book Presentations

12/8/16 -  Student Book Presentations

Spring 2016

Instructors:  Norman Sadeh & Florian Schaub

1/14/16 - Blase Ur, Supporting Password-Security Decisions with Data

1/21/16 - Norman Sadeh, CMU "Towards Personalized Privacy Assistants", or How to Scale "Notice and Choice" for the Internet of Things (Privacy)

1/28/16-  CMU Privacy Day (Privacy)

2/4/16 -   Lorrie Cranor & Anthony Rowe- Davos Trip report (CUPS)

2/11/16 -  Nishant Bhajara, Nike (Privacy)

2/18/16 -  Carleen Maitland, Penn State (CUPS)

2/25/16 - Andrew Smith, PrivacyCheq (Privacy)

3/3/16 -  TBA (CUPS)

3/10/16 - SPRING BREAK

3/17/16 - Blase Ur, Job interview roundtable discussion

3/24/16 - NO SEMINAR   (Privacy)

3/31/16 - Serge Egelman, ICSI / UC Berkeley (Privacy)

4/7/16 -   Manya Sleeper, CHI practice talk

4/14/16 - No classes, Spring Carnival

4/21/16 - Joyce Musante, Philips (Privacy)

4/28/16 - Student Book Presentations (Privacy)