Carnegie Mellon University

Capstone Project

An important element of the program will be a learning-by-doing component, where students will be brought in as privacy consultants to work on client projects.  Some projects will be completed in collaboration with students from other professional master's programs.  Some of these projects are sponsored by industry or government while others are more entrepreneurial in nature and driven by the students themselves. By bringing students from the MSIT in Privacy Engineering program into these projects, we will give them first-hand experience in what it takes to (1) take on the role of privacy professional as a member of a multi-disciplinary team and, (2) reconcile the demands of time-critical design activities with the need to develop adequate privacy solutions. In the process, students will have to draw on the knowledge acquired in their other classes. While participating in the team projects, students will be required to report weekly on their progress in the context of a ”Privacy by Design Workshop” class, where they will share their experience with their colleagues in the MS in Privacy Engineering program.

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