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Previous Seminars

Here you will find an archive of previous seminar series. Many talks have links to additional information. We encourage you to take a moment to browse past presenters.

Spring 2019

Instructors:  Professor Norman Sadeh and Timothy Libert

01/17/19 - Introduction - Professor Norman Sadeh and Timothy Libert

1/24/19 - Camille Cobb, University of Washington - "Peer to Peer Privacy in Social and Communications Applications"

01/31/19 - Rebecca Weiss, Mozilla - "Firefox Data Collection Policies"  (This seminar will be held in Hamburg Hall 1206)

02/07/19 - Nishant Bhajaria, Google - "Privacy Engineering: how you can help innovate with and protect data"

02/14/19 - Timothy Libert

2/21/19 -  Seminar Cancelled

02/28/19 - Gabriela Zanifir-Fortuna, Future of Privacy Forum - "Taming of the Shrew: Could the GDPR really keep in check the Data Age?"

03/07/19 -  No Seminar

03/21/19 - Joe Calandrino, Federal Trade Commission - "Protecting Consumers in a Technical World"

03/28/19 -Joe Turow

04/04/19 - Book Presentations 1   

04/18/19 - Book Presentations 2

04/25/19 - Lalitha Sankar, Arizona State University - "Generative Adversarial Privacy: A Data-driven Approach

05/02/19 - Chi Practice Talks

Fall 2018

08/30/18 - Jessica Colnago, CMU - "HCI Research Internship: A Summer at Mozilla"  *We will go over the syllabus and discuss expectations for internship reports.

9/06/18 - Tepper Ethics Lunch Series - Please RSVP

09/13/18 - Privacy Engineering summer internship reports

09/20/18 - Kambiz Ghazinour Naini, Director of the Advanced Information Security and Privacy (AISP) Lab, Kent State - "A Spy on Your Wrist. A Privacy Protection Layer for Wearable Devices"

09/27/18 - Ope Akanbi, University of Pennsylvania - "Digital Cultures at Work"

10/04/18 -  No Seminar

10/11/18 - Gurav Misra, Carnegie Mellon University - "Using Avatars to Safeguard Personal Information"

10/18/18 - Pardis Emami-Naeini, Carnegie Mellon University - "The Influence of Friends and Experts on Privacy Decision Making in IoT Scenarios"

10/25/18 -  Eric Bukstein, PWC - "A Day (and night) in the Life of a Privacy Lawyer"

11/01/18 - Nathalie Marechal, Ranking Digital Rights - "Ranking Digital Rights: How Privacy Engineers Can Help"

11/08/18 -Gunes Acar, Princeton University - "Focus on Web Privacy"

11/15/18 - Divya Sharma, Google - "Privacy Engineering on the Ground: Problems, Principles, Perspectives"   

11/22/18 - No Seminar, Thanksgiving Break

11/29/18 - Capstone Project Final presentations

12/06/18 - Esma Aimeur, University of Montreal- "The Subtle Art of Online Deception"

Spring 2018

01/18/18 - Prashanth Rajivan, CMU- "Decision making in Cyber Security Defense" 01/18/18 - Special Distinguished Seminar:  Senior Judge Reggie B. Walton 4:30 PM Gates Hillman Centers, Rashid Auditorium 4401

01/25/18 - No Seminar

1/26/18 - Join us for CMU Privacy Day Posters and Demos 11-2 PM in CUC Connan

2/1/18 - Helen Nissenbaum Professor of Information Science, Cornell Tech:  "Contextual Integrity in Practice"

2/8/18 -  Joe Catapano, ICANN:  "ICANN and Internet Governance" *This session will be held in GHC 4405*

2/15/18 - Giulia Fanti, CMU:  "Anonymity in the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Network"  

2/22/18 - Darcey Rhoades, Bayer: "Privacy by Design: Partnering with Privacy Attorneys as Assets"

3/1/18 -  Seminar Cancelled

3/8/18 - Ellen Nadeau, NIST - Privacy Risk Management in Practice

3/15/18 - Spring Break  

3/22/18 - Pranshu Kalvani, Google - "So, What Does a Privacy Engineer Do?"

3/29/18 - No Seminar

4/5/18 - Michael Skirpan, "Narrative as a Tool for Clarifying Ethical Challenges in Engineering"

4/12/18 - Rob Malkin, Google -"Demystifying the Online Ads Ecosystem"

4/19/18 - Jessica Colnago, CMU CUPS Lab - "It's not actually that horrible": Exploring Adoption of Two-Factor Authentication at a University

4/26/18 - NO SEMINAR

5/3/18 - Arnab Kumar, PwC - "Transition from Grad School to the Industry - My Insights"

Spring 2017


1/26/17   Lorrie Cranor, Enigma Practice Talk- "Putting Privacy Notices to the Test"


2/2/17    Sebastian Zimmeck, CMU - "A Privacy Analysis of Cross-Device Tracking"

2/9/17    Martin Degeling, CMU - "Online Profiling- What tracking companies learn from browsing habits and ways to take control of your data double"

2/16/17  Alessandro Acquisti, CMU - “Privacy, Economics, and Behavior: An overview”

2/23/17  Jason Hong, CMU

3/2/17   CANCELLED

3/9/17    Yang Wang, Syracuse - "The Third Wave? Inclusive Privacy and Security."

3/16/17  Spring Break- No Classes

3/23/17  Elizabeth Stobert, ETH Zurich

3/30/17  Janice Tsai, Microsoft

4/6/17    Adam Durity, Google

4/13/17   Travis Hall, NTIA

4/20/17   Spring Carnival, No Classes

4/27/17  Josh Tan, CMU - "Can unicorns help users compare crypto key fingerprints?" (practice talk for CHI)

5/4/17    Hana Habib, CMU - "Designing the MPN Wizard: A Proposed Solution to the Privacy Snapshot Challenge”

Fall 2017

8/31/17 - Welcome

9/07/17 - Summer internships (6 presentations)

9/14/17 - No Seminar

9/21/17 - Summer Internships (6 presentations)

9/28/17 - Panel:  "Privacy in the Healthcare Sector:  Challenges and Best Practices" Moderated by Norman Sadeh; Panelists:  Omar Khawaja, Highmark Health, & Nathan Kottkamp, McGuire Woods

10/5/17 - Ying Lei Toh, School of Information at Berkeley - "Incentivizing Firm to Invest in Data Security:  Can Reputation Play a (Bigger) Role?"

10/12/17 - Vasyl Pihur, Snap - "User Privacy in the World of Three Billion Snaps Per Day"

10/19/17 - Sarah Pearman, CUPS Lab - "Let's Go in for a Closer Look:  Observing Passwords in Their Natural Habitat"

10/26/17 - Dr. Pam Wisniewski, UCF

11/9/17 - Ass. Professor Fei Fang, CMU Institute for Software Research

11/16/17 - Book Presentations

11/30/17 - Capstone Project final presentations

12/7/17 - Book Presentations

Fall 2016

9/1/2016 - Introduction

9/8/16 -     Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Asst. Professor, LUMS SBA School of Computer Science and Engineering- "Measurements and Advertising Under Internet Censorship"

9/15/16 -  Four second year MSIT-PE students discuss their summer internships (Privacy)

9/22/16 - Rich Shay, MIT (CUPS)

9/29/16 - Travis Breaux, Joint EPP/Privacy Seminar

10/13/16 -Anupam Das-Tracking Mobile Web Users Through Motion Sensors: Attacks and Defenses

10/27/16 - Sebastian Zimmeck - Automated Privacy Requirement Analysis for Mobile Apps “This presentation is part of the Usable Privacy Policy Project -

11/03/16 -  Apu Kapadia, Indiana University Bloomington

11/24/16 - Thanksgiving Holiday- No Classes

12/1/16 -  Student Book Presentations

12/8/16 -  Student Book Presentations

Spring 2016

1/14/16 - Blase Ur, Supporting Password-Security Decisions with Data

1/21/16 - Norman Sadeh, CMU "Towards Personalized Privacy Assistants", or How to Scale "Notice and Choice" for the Internet of Things (Privacy)

1/28/16-  CMU Privacy Day (Privacy)

2/4/16 -   Lorrie Cranor & Anthony Rowe- Davos Trip report (CUPS)

2/11/16 -  Nishant Bhajara, Nike (Privacy)

2/18/16 -  Carleen Maitland, Penn State (CUPS)

2/25/16 - Andrew Smith, PrivacyCheq (Privacy)

3/3/16 -  TBA (CUPS)

3/10/16 - SPRING BREAK

3/17/16 - Blase Ur, Job interview roundtable discussion

3/24/16 - NO SEMINAR   (Privacy)

3/31/16 - Serge Egelman, ICSI / UC Berkeley (Privacy)

4/7/16 -   Manya Sleeper, CHI practice talk

4/14/16 - No classes, Spring Carnival

4/21/16 - Joyce Musante, Philips (Privacy)

4/28/16 - Student Book Presentations (Privacy)

Spring 2015

1/14/2015    Florian Schaub, CMU: Context-adaptive privacy mechanisms

1/21/2015    Norman Sadeh, CMU: Research in Mobile App Privacy

1/28/2015    Data Privacy Day - Keynote Speaker Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission

2/4/2015      Sok Woo Yoon, PNC

2/11/2015    Book Presentations

2/18/2015    Book Presentations

2/25/2015    Alfred Kobsa, UC Irvine - "Privacy and the Limits of A/B Testing"

3/4/2015      Tracy Ann Kosa, Microsoft - "Measuring Privacy"

3/11/2015    Spring Break - No Seminar

3/18/2015   Alan Fairless, Chip Black and Matthew Erickson, SpiderOak

3/25/2015    Jonathan Petit, University College Cork:  Big Brother on Wheels

4/1/2015     Hazim Almuhimedi, Institute for Software Research - "Your Location has been Shared 5,398 Times! A field Study on Mobile App Privacy Nudging"

4/8/2015     Adam Durity, Google

4/15/2015   Joint CUPS meeting  - Steve Sheng "Current hot topics in internet identifiers security and Internet Governance

4/22/2015   Steve Olshansky, Internet Society: "TosBack2: Next Steps in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Archiving and Analysis"

4/29/2015    Bradley Malin, Vanderbilt University: Engineering Privacy- Preserving Record Linkage Systems

Fall 2015

9/3/2015   Manya Sleeper, Ubicomp practice talk + Syllabus

9/10/2015  Rebecca Balebako, RAND

9/17/2015 Nina Taft, Google

10/1/2015  Joe Hall, CDT

10/29/2015  Jonathan Mayer

11/5/2015  Lisa Martinelli, Highmark CPO

11/12/2015 Janice Tsai, Microsoft

12/3/2015   Molly Jackman, Facebook

12/10/2015  Student Book Presentations

Spring 2014

1/15/2014  Introduction, Norman Sadeh

1/22/2014  Privacy at Google, Guest Speaker: Dan Fredinburg, Google - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

1/29/2014  "Privacy Day Keynote by Nicole Wong, Deputy US Chief Technology Officer" 2:30-3:30 GHC 6115 (Note unusual time and venue)-Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/5/2014    Intraface Project: Privacy Issues - Discussion with Fernando della Torre Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/12/2014 Florian Schaub: Context Awareness and Privacy - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

2/19/2014 Information Flow Experiments - Speaker:  Anupam Datta    Required Readings:  Guha et al, Challenges in Measuring Online Advertising Systems; Willis and Tatar, Understanding What They Do With What They Know

2/26/2014 Information Flow Experiments (Part II) - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta

3/6/2014   Privacy Compliance - Guest Speaker:  Saikat Guha (Microsoft) - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta 

3/12/2014 Spring Break - No Seminar

3/19/2014  Junbum Shin, Samsung - Privacy Challenges in Smart Devices Industry - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta

3/26/2014  Surveillance - Session 1- Student Presentations - Coordinator: Anupam Datta 

4/2/2014    Mobile App Privacy Policies Session 1 - Mini-Project/Student Presentations - Coordinator: Norman Sadeh

4/9/2014    Mobile App Privacy Policies Session 2 - Mini-Project/Student Presentations - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/16/2014  John DeLong, CCEP Director of Compliance, NSA - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/23/2014  Yuvraj Agarwal "ProtectMyPrivacy: Detecting and Mitigating Privacy Leaks on iOS using Crowdsourcing" - Coordinator:  Norman Sadeh

4/30/2014  Fairness in Classification - Coordinator:  Anupam Datta (Required Readings:  Dwork and Mulligan, It's not Privacy and It's Not Fair; Dwork et al, Fairness through Awareness)

Fall 2013 Seminars

8/28/2013 Introduction

9/4/2013 Privacy Nudging and self-censorship on social media, Lorrie Cranor

9/11/2013 Understanding People's Location Privacy Preferences: A Location Sharing Perspective, Norman Sadeh

9/18/2013 John Papinchak, CMU University Registrar

9/25/2013 Andrew Swerdlow, Google: Practical Privacy Engineering

10/2/2013 Cy Lab Poster Session

10/9/2013 David Stampley, KamberLaw

10/16/2013 Janice Tsai, Microsoft Research

10/23/2013 Maritza Johnson, Facebook

10/30/13 Jerome Pesenti and Saman Haqqi, Pittsburgh Park Project

11/6/2013 Privacy and public policy in Washington, DC

11/13/2013 Sok Woo Yoon, SVP & Chief Privacy Officer, PNC Financial Services

11/20/2013 Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon 

12/4/2013 Mobile App Privacy