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New AI Governance Course

As of Spring 2024, the Privacy Engineering Program offers a new elective focusing on AI Governance.
With Privacy Practices increasingly being called upon to help set up AI Governance structures, policies and processes, our program is offering a new course on AI Governance, starting this Spring semester. While AI is addressed throughout the Program's curriculum, there was a need to offer a comprehensive course in AI Governance. The course focuses on ethical issues, relevant regulations, threat modeling, including approaches to operationalize the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and comply with the new EU AI Act. It combines policy, management, business and technical considerations, including discussion of technical topics such as transparency, explainability, interpretability, controllability, bias and fairness and reviews of available tools, techniques and methodologies to help identify and mitigate relevant risks."

Data Privacy Day

SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2024, 11AM-1PM

An event celebrating International Data Privacy Day. The event will take place at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main (Oakland).


Join us on Sunday, January 28, 2024 for our Privacy Day 2024 event at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP). For the first time, CMU is partnering with CLP to celebrate International Data Privacy Day by bringing practical advice on protecting privacy online to the general public, off the university's campus. The Privacy Day event will take place from 11am-1pm in the South Wing Reading Room on the 2nd floor. The event is open to the public, and no registration is required. Lunch will be provided.


new.png 11/15/2023 - S3D Grad School Q&A Session w/ Co-Director of the Privacy Engineering Program - Norman Sadeh

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new.png 4/11/23 - CyLab icon connects users with online privacy choices

new.png   3/29/23 -  New tool helps mobile app developers create more accurate iOS privacy labels

new.png   1/30/23 -  CMU hosts annual International Data Privacy Day event


new.png   11/28/22 -  First round of Future Enterprise Security Initiative funded projects announced

new.png   11/4/22 -  S3D faculty and students present research at annual FTC PrivacyCon

new.png   10/24/22 -   CyLab proposes improved, consumer-friendly broadband “nutrition” labels

new.png   10/19/22 -  S3D faculty and alumni present IoT privacy and security label research at White House summit

new.png   5/9/22 -  Lorrie Cranor was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) [ Full Story]. 

new.png   8/11/22 -  CyLab names 2022 Presidential Fellows

new.png   8/11/22 -  Carnegie Mellon faculty, students present at the 31st USENIX Security Symposium

new.png   8/9/22 -  iPhone security compromises prove difficult to detect

new.png   8/5/22 -   S3D and CyLab well represented at SOUPS 2022

new.png   7/26/22 -  Study reveals iOS privacy labels miss the mark

new.png   7/6/22 -  Researchers propose ephemeral approach to IoT privacy

new.png   1/24/22 - Sadeh receives Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award

new.png   2/2/22 -  CMU hosts its seventh annual International Data Privacy Day event


new.png   11/23/20 - Following the success of Its Master's Program in Privacy Engineering, CMU now offers a part-time, distance education version of its Master's degree and a new certificate program 

new.png   2/2/20 -  CMU hosts its seventh annual International Data Privacy Day event


Congratulations to our 2019 privacy engineering graduates who just completed their capstone projects!


new.png   12/3/19 - “Looking at You” illustrates today’s privacy dilemma in the form of an opera

new.png   11/18/19 - Alexa, Are You Spying On Me? How To Prevent Your Smart Devices From Listening To You

new.png   10/4/19 - This new tool for developers can help preserve app users’ privacy

Meet the Privacy Engineering Students for 2019-2020!

Top Row L-R: Co-Director Lorrie Cranor, Yash Mehta, Dev Patel, Chenxiao Guan, Yigeng Wang, Ziyuan Zhu, Teaching faculty Tim Libert. Bottom Row L-R: Clare Hsu, Sophie Koffler, Chenghao Ye, Lewei Li, Daniel Mo, Co-Director Norman Sadeh


new.png  9/20/19 - A Closer Look at Carnegie Mellon's Privacy Engineering Program

new.png   9/18/19 - This article is Spying on you

new.png   8/22/19 - When privacy and the arts collide

new.png   8/19/19 - Apps are rife with privacy compliance issues, and here’s some evidence

new.png   8/15/19 - Opting out of data use is hard, but it doesn’t have to be

new.png   7/29/19 - Security and privacy need to be easy

new.png   7/18/19 - NSF awards $1.2M to create a digital assistant to answer people’s privacy questions

new.png   7/8/19 - Ads, cookies, and the European privacy regulation

new.png   6/28/19 - Overcoming the privacy paradox

new.png   5/30/19 - BUYER UNAWARE: Security and privacy rarely considered before buying IoT devices

new.png   5/23/19 - Lorrie Cranor, Brian Kovak Named Andrew Carnegie Fellows

new.png   3/15/19 - Celebrating Women in Cybersecurity

new.png   1/14/19 - Lorrie Faith Cranor named new director of Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab


new.png   10/24/18 - CyLab faculty win big at the IEEE Cybersecurity Development Conference

new.png   10/30/18 - Norman Sadeh speaks on plenary panel about data protection and privacy

new.png   9/21/18 - CyLab study finds users may be over-confident in protections of private browsing

new.png   August 2018 - Meet the new Privacy Engineering Students for 2018!

2018 group photo

Top row:  Tiffany Todd, Yang Zhou, Yigeng Wang, Ziheng Ni, Yiding Ou, James Arps; Bottom Row: Professor Norman Sadeh, Fangxian Mi, Lulan Yu, Meihan Li, Ruixin Ng, Jingyi Zhu, Professor Lorrie Cranor

talk.png    4/2018 - IAPP Global Privacy Summit: CMU's Lorrie Cranor talks trends in privacy engineering.

new.png   3/1/18 - CMU spinoff founded by faculty Sadeh, Cranor, and Hong acquired by Proofpoint -

new.png    3/2/18 - New AI from CMU helps make sense of privacy policies -

new.png    3/28/18 - Co-Director Lorrie Cranor receives the IAPP 2018 Leadership Award

new.png   2/21/18 -  Co-Director Cranor wins SIGCHI social impact award -

talk.png   2/28/18 - Co-Director Sadeh and CMU students present privacy research at FTC PrivacyCon event -

new.png   1/4/18 - Privacy capstone project helps Alibaba develop data portability recommenations for the cloud

talk.png    1/18/18 - We hosted a conversation with former presiding Judge at the Foreign Intelligence Survelliance Act Court (FISA), Reggie B. Walton.  Read more about it here .

event.png   1/26/18 - We celebrated Privacy Day at CMU!  Read more about it in our student newspaper, The Tartan


new.png   Dec 2017:  Co-Director Cranor receives FORE Systems Professorship -

new.png    November 2017: Program Co-Director, Prof. Norman Sadeh, co-organizes high-profile Trans-Atlantic workshop on Privacy Engineering and the GDPR -

event.png   October 2017: Norman Sadeh  is a panelist at  Privacy + Security Forum  (Washington, DC) – Panel titled “ From Big Data, to Machine Learning, to AI

new.png   August 2017:   Meet the MSIT-PE class of 2018!

2018 photo

Bottom row: Prof. Norman Sadeh, David Edelstein, Fan Yang, Zhuo Chen, Sharada Boda, Prof. Lorrie Cranor; Top Row:  Jianlan Zhu, Jeremy Thomas, Yama Ahmadullah, Javed Ramjohn, Ao Chen 

new.png    August 2017 : The  Center for Democracy and Technology  (CDT) relies on results from CMU's   Mobile App Privacy Compliance tool  in a  study  conducted to provide follow-up comments to the FTC/NHTSA workshop on  Connected Cars  (see CMU's Usable Privacy Policy Project for further details --- )


new.png   June 2017:   Best paper award at  ACM   MMS ys Conference for article co-authored by Norman Sadeh and colleagues on  A Scalable and Privacy-Aware IoT Service for Live Video Analytics

new.png    May 2017 MIT  Technology Review article on our faculty's work on a Privacy Assistant  –  Personal AI Privacy Watchdog Could Help you Regain Control of Your Data

event.png    May 2017: Norman Sadeh is an invited Speaker at the  FTC  Technology and Consumer Protection Workshop (ConPro’17)  in San Jose (co-located with 38th IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy Conference)

new.png    CyLab researchers ask: What privacy concerns do you have in an IoT world?, CyLab

new.png    The psychology of privacy in the era of the Internet of Things, CNN

new.png    Carnegie Mellon privacy clinic aims to help protect you from hackers, Pittsburgh Tribune

new.png    Carnegie Mellon Celebrates International Data Privacy Day, Institute for Software Research


new.png    Mobile App Behavior Often Appears at Odds with Privacy Policies, Institute for Software Research

new.png    It's Automatic: CMU Smartphone App Manages Your Privacy Preferences, Professor Sadeh talks about his Personal Privacy Assistant App.

new.png    New Password Strength Meter Outperforms State-of-the-Art Meters, Institute for Software Research

new.png   Meet the MSIT-PE class of 2017!

  75 percent

Bottom Row: Liu Yuru, Tong Liu, Jun Ma, Preethi Josephina, Dhanuji Shaji.  Top Row: Prof. Norman Sadeh, Wei Lidong, Yuankun Li, Asst. Prof. Matt Fredrikson, Yunfan Wang, Assoc. Prof. Lujo Bauer, Dan Calderon, Asst. Prof. Travis Breaux, Quan Quan, Sid Nair, Professor Lorrie Cranor.

new.png    Newly Released Website Sheds Light on Shortcomings of Privacy Policies, Paves Way for Semi-Automated Summarization of these Policies. Prof. Norman Sadeh's team at the Usable Privacy Policy project releases a new website to help users better understand complex privacy policies from many popular platforms and applications

event.png   The Privacy Engineering Program celebrated CMU Privacy Day on January 28th with Keynote Speaker Edward Felten, US Deputy Chief Technology Officer

talk.png   Lorrie Cranor presented work on Personalized Privacy Assistants at the Davos Conference

talk.png   Norman Sadeh presented research on Personalized Privacy Assistants at the first FTC Privacy Conference, "Privacy Con".

new.png   The paper "A Design Space for Effective Privacy Notices" by Florian Schaub, Rebecca Balebako, Adam Durity and Lorrie Cranor was selected by the Future of Privacy Forum as one of five Privacy Papers for Policymakers 2015


new.png   The MSIT-Privacy Engineering Program welcomed its third cohort of students to the Carnegie Mellon community

event.png   The second cohort of students from the MSIT-Privacy Engineering Program graduated in the SCS ceremony at Carnegie Music Hall

event.png   Privacy Engineering students gave their final Capstone Project presentations that were sponsored by Spider Oak and Lufthansa

new.png    What does Privacy Look Like? Professor Lorrie Cranor explores public attitudes and concerns using drawings

talk.png   Professor Lorrie Cranor participated in the panel "Improving Authentication: Moving Beyond the Password' at the White House Cybersecurity Summit, February 13, 2015

new.png   Professor Lorrie Cranor was named as an ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Fellow for 2015.  Congratulations Lorrie!

event.png    CMU Privacy Day was held at the University Center January 28, 2015