Carnegie Mellon University

Current Topics in Privacy Seminar

The Current Topics in Privacy Seminar is a three-credit course (17-702) taught in the Fall and Spring semesters. Members of the university community are invited to participate in the seminar even if they are not enrolled in the course. In this seminar course students will discuss recent papers and current public policy issues related to privacy. Privacy professionals from industry, government, and non-profits will deliver several guest lectures each semester. 

Members of the CMU community interested in receiving notifications about the seminars each week should contact the course instructor to request to be added to the email list. 

Instructors:  Professor Norman Sadeh and Timothy Libert

Time and location: Thursdays, 11:40-1:00 PM.  All seminars will be held via Zoom untl further notice.

09/03/20 - Introduction - Timothy Libert

09/10/20 - Summer Internship Reports, Part 1

09/17/20 - Summer Internship Reports, Part 2

09/24/20 - Garrett Johnson, Boston University- "Privacy & market concentration:  Intended and unintended consequences of the GDPR"

10/01/20 - Spooky Tech @ CMU - CANCELLED

10/08/20 - CYLAB Biometrics and Privacy Event

10/15/20 -  Ravneet Singh, Clearwater Compliance - "Cyber Risk Management in Healthcare:  Securing ePHI"

10/22/20 - John Wilander, Apple - "A Modern, Privacy-Preserving Web"

10/29/20 - Danny Huang, New York University - "IoT Inspector: Crowdsourcing Labeled Network Traffic from Smart Home Devices at Scale"

11/05/20 - Diana Freed, Cornell University - "Imroving Privacy and Safety for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence"

11/12/20 - Preethi Josephina Mudialba, Bank for International Settlements - "The Future of Privacy in DevSecOps"

11/19/20 -  Dr. Liz Keneski, Facebook Inc. - "Inclusive Privacy Education"

12/03/20 - Privacy Engineering Capstone Presentations

12/10/20 - Reuben Binns, Oxford/ICO - "Privacy Engineering in Regulation and Public Service"